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Janny Tsang

is an emerging artist, working in oils and acrylics. She studied her
bachelor degree in United Kingdom and obtained a master degree in Human
Resources. She had worked for an art gallery in her early career life, which inspired her to pursue her dream in arts.
Janny has developed her own exquisite style in her artworks. She has an enthusiasm
for the British and beautiful things, which inspire her choice of subjects in her
paintings and these can be shown in her England series. She is also developing her
own style in art conveying a statement of her feeling for disparity of wealth in her
recent artworks Diamond series to arouse people’s awareness about poverty issues. She has participated in group exhibitions since 2015, including The Music of Art, at Eslite Dun Nan Main Store Taiwan; New Life, at Galerie Huit HK; True Beauty, at Galerie Huit HK.

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