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Rachel Sham

Graduated with her master degree in Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) in London, Rachel starts her career as a graphic designer in interior design industry. She then gradually shifts to be an interior designer (more on the decorative aspect). Art and design elements play an influential and inseparable role in both her work and life. Mesmerised by blossoms, she continues to pursue a new expression of petals and veins in oil painting.


Her sensitivity gives strong sence to her use of colours, brush strokes and delicate details. She flourishes her own aesthetic way to endure the realism in her work. In search of tranquility and harmony within the saturation on colours, she balances the texture on backgrounds in her approach. This resonance creates the gentle and heart soothing moment through her practice.


She is also one of the members of Urban Sketchers Hong Kong, which draws on location, indoors or out, capturing what she sees from direct observation to tell stories of surroundings.

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